We provide comprehensive services for the pharmaceutical industry.

We specialise in the development of CRM systems and innovative software solutions used for example for organising educational activities, reporting payments in kind and creating and working with databases. Apart from the above, we also provide market research and direct mailing services as well as individual solutions in accordance with client's requirements.


An off-line application designed for the organisers of educational events for doctors, which is interlinked with the website of the Slovak Medical Chamber (SMC). It enables you to quickly add the names of educational event participants, easily create attendance sheets and generate certificates for event participants. The assigned credits are automatically registered in the SMC.

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Database of Doctors and Healthcare Professionals

Allio holds its own quality database of doctors and healthcare professionals (HCP) in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic. The database is regularly updated using various sources. The database can be offered as a separate product or it can be implemented in other of our services, products and applications.

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CRM Tanzanit

A Slovak CRM system developed for the pharmaceutical industry. The system was built with the use of the latest technologies and is mostly designed for over-the-counter (OTC) and veterinary products. It is also suitable for the companies dealing with fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs). The CRM system users have the possibility to monitor their product warehouse levels and the availability of selected products from distributors. If using our e-pharmacies service, you can monitor the progress of product sales directly in the system. The system includes a module of transfer orders, which is used to perform transfer orders directly in pharmacies and to send them to one of the selected distributors. The status of such order can be tracked directly in the application. The application enables you to record conditions for various chains and pharmacies and set up your own campaigns and many other functionalities.

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Direct mailing

Contacting a selected target group of physicians by sending direct mail. We use our own database for approaching physicians and health care professionals. We arrange printing, packaging and sending of letters by post office. Our database has been validated on a daily basis since 2008. Thanks to our quality database we achieve a high success rate of mail delivery. The maximum undeliverable mail rate is 2%. Apart from processing and sending letters by mail, you will also get a feedback information on the percentage of letters delivered to their recipients.

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Market Research

We offer comprehensive services starting from project designs, in which client's needs are considered and ending with research performance. We put emphasis on data quality collection, precise statistical evaluation and clear interpretation of the results. We offer high quality survey services thanks to our regular cooperation with specialists. Methodology we are using are: CAPI (Computer-assisted telephones interviewing) and CAWI (Computer Aided Web Interviewing) methodology. For fulfilling questionnaire we are using our portal and also call center. We provide quantitative and qualitative research with specialists and patients. Our researches will help you to clarify product lifecycle, brand perception, customer satisfaction and help to optimize your advertising. We evaluate the current trends and the specific factors influencing the behavior and the choice of the specialists.

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Standard Payments and Payments In Kind

This practical web application is designed to report expenses related to standard payments and payments in kind. It enables you to keep precise records of provided payments and generate reports in the form required by Slovak authorities (National Health Information Centre, tax authorities) as well as European-level authorities (EFPIA). This naturally includes the generation of deliverables having the form of client's own templates as per their request. The application takes into consideration the latest law amendments. For educational event organisers we offer a version with extra functionalities such as the calculation of sponsors' payments in kind or organisers' own event code lists.

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We develop practical applications.

Our company mostly develops software and applications for the pharmaceutical and health care industries in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Our ambition is to provide services to the clients looking for new and innovative solutions. We offer a unique CRM system with a validated database and other flexible solutions supporting the efficiency of company sales activities and processes.

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Personal Data Protection

In the role of an operator Allio s.r.o.,Buková 27, Šamorín 931 01, Company Reg. No.: 35776684 (hereinafter referred to as „Allio“) processes personal data in the following scope: title, forename, surname, specialisation, workplace name and address, phone number used for the management of records concerning physicians and healthcare professionals and for the provision of such data to pharmaceutical companies.

When handling personal data of concerned individuals, Allio proceeds in accordance with the provisions of Act No. 122/2013 Coll. on personal data protection and on amendments and supplements to certain acts as amended by Act No. 84/2014 Coll. (hereinafter referred to as the „Act on Personal Data Protection“). Personal data will only be provided to third parties if requested so by the applicable legal regulations (especially as a part of administrative or criminal proceedings, when requested by tax authorities etc.). The operator Allio has acquired the personal data of the concerned individuals from public sources, where the data was published and processes such data on the basis of § 10, paragraph 3, letter e) of the Act on Personal Data Protection. The personal data of the concerned individual will not be published or transferred to any third countries. Under § 28, paragraph 4 of the Act on Personal Data Protection, the concerned individual has the right to object against their personal data processing either in writing or in person at any time should the matter bear no delay and should it be a case as pursuant to § 10, paragraph 3, letter e) of the above-mentioned Act, and shall state justifiable reasons or shall submit evidence of wrongful infringement upon their rights and by-law-protected interests, which may be in this particular case damaged by such personal data processing; if there are no legal reasons and it is proven that the objection of the concerned individual is justified, the operator shall block and discard the personal data the processing of which the concerned individual objected against without delay should the circumstances allow to do so.